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Car stereo auxiliary input
Aux audio input converter lets you add an additional digital auxiliary audio source to your Factory radio, listen to your Mp3 player iPod iPhone
Xm Radio directly  from your Factory car stereo ...We have Auxiliary input adapters for many factory stereos a well as aftermarket systems, radio needs to be Cd changer
controller or have a CD, source band SAT  aux disc button Auxiliary input converters are designed to convert the CD Changer or satellite  port of the Oem radio ( with external
controls) into an Auxiliary input. Devices such as iPods iPhones  Satellite Radios, Dvd Players,  Mp3 Android smartphones and Game Systems can be added the the Oem
radio without an Fm Modulator or  fm transmitter maintains full function of all factory steering wheel and rear seat controls. The adapter plugs into the factory system using
the supplied cable, avoiding wire splicing and modifications. works on most factory radios from 1995 and up Note: The adapter takes the place of the trunk cd changer, so
you cannot have a Cd changer and the adapter connected to your vehicle at the same time.( this are not FM modulators or FM trasmitters ) The auxiliary audio input adapter
has two Rca ( left and right audio ) inputs on one side. On the other side of the adapter is factory plug that interfaces into the factory oem radio. There is nothing wireless about them, that means the signal doesn't get degraded by the process of sending it to your Ford radio aux output for car stereo  call us for tech support 1-800-727-1466


iPod Integration Interface For Factory car stereos
iPod iPhone audio input interface Connecs your iPod to your car radio, is easy as connecting it to your computer with the correct iPod adaptor the iPod is recognized by your car audio system and added as an additional audio source.
iPhone iPod car stereo  iPod auxiliary input  ipod input interface for oem factory car stereos works for Most vehicles! from 1998 and up If you have external CD changer controls                                                                                                                                       

Oem original factory  radio we carry new and Remanufactured, original equipment  radios, cd players, cd changer factory amplifier and , speakers indash , cd changers comes with new internals,Rebuild Cassette Player and cd player  We test All Radio Functions  before they go out                                      


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Audi Auxiliary Input Adapter

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Toyota Auxiliary Input Adapter




Are design to convert the Cd changer port of the Oem radio into auxiliary audio input the audio quality is crystal clear

Factory Cd Changer

oem cd changer
We carry most of the O.E.M. cd  Changers  that allows you to controll from your factory Ford radio with cd option this units are designed to directly plug into your car's stereo system.and  connect in the same fashion as the units offered by your car dealer

Oem replacement CD magazines 
Keep more of your favorite music handy. Get an extra Cd magazine for your multi-disc CD changer.